Bergslagens Classic Organic Gin

Bergslagens Classic Organic Gin is a handcrafted gin poduced by Bergslagens Distillery on a small scale.

The lingonberries, juniper, coriander seeds and lemon peel bring a sweet, herbal citrus aroma to the gin. Bergslagens is a premium gin with a flavour profile developed and quality controlled by the Bergslagen Distillery, Sweden.

Bergslagens Classic Organic Gin is made only with the finest botanicals. A truly unique gin with its base alcohol triple distilled from selected wheat.

Alcohol by Volume: 45,7 % -50cl + 5cl

The Cranny

4 cl Bergslagens Organic Gin
2 cl Falernum Liqueur
1 cl Vanilla syrup
2 cl Lemon juice
9 cl Cranberry juice

Pour all the ingredients into a shaker and fill it up with ice, shake and fill up a highball glass with ice and strain the cocktail.

Mediterranean med dehydreret citron

5 cl Bergslagens Organic Gin
10-15 cl Mediterranean tonic
Garnish with dehydrated lemon

Build the cocktail in your glass and garnish with dehydrated lemon.


6 cl Gin
3 cl lime cordial
1 cl Simple Syrup

Stir the cocktail in a mixer glass with ice and strain the cocktail into a martini style cocktail glass.