Bergslagens Oak Aged Gin

Bergslagens Distillery produces Swedish whisky of the highest quality. The production is small-scale and the bottles coming from the distillery are highly sought after among collectors and whisky lovers. The barrels used in production to store the whisky varies but one of our favourite barrels is the ex-Sherry cask of 50 litres made of American white oak. The casks previously contained Oloroso sherry from the province of Cádiz in Andalusia in southern Spain. The whisky aged in those casks gets lovely tones of dried fruit, raisins and nuts.

It is on these barrels that our OAK Gin has been stored for 6 months. This brings a sweet, fruity and lovely aroma to the Gin with a touch of fine whisky tones. The availability of the Oak aged Gin is limited and depends on the availability of used whisky barrels. Bergslagens Oak aged gin is made from the same distilled gin as our Classic Gin and matured in the best whisky barrels that we could found.

Bergslagens Oak Aged Gin:48.0 % in 50cl + 5cl

Neat – over Ice


5 cl Bergslagens Oak Gin
10-15 cl Indian tonic
Garnish with an orange wedge

Build the cocktail in your glass and garnish with an orange wedge.

Old fashioned

4 shots barrel-aged gin
2 cubes cane sugar
10 dashes aromatic bitters
2 strips orange zest

Add the cane sugar cubes and aromatic bitters to a mixing glass.
Muddle the ingredients until the sugar has mostly dissolved.
Add the Barrel-Aged Gin and orange zest.
Add ice to just above the level of the liquid, and stir for 15 seconds.
Strain the mixture into rocks glasses containing large cubes of ice, and garnish with remaining orange zest.