Bergslagens Navy Strength Gin

The history behind what we now call Navy Strength gin dates back to the 18th century and the English Navy. The Royal Navy legislated that there had to be a certain amount of gin on each vessel while they were sailing on the high seas. Gin was required on board to help fight illness and diseases which were rife.

In order to test the gin was of an acceptable quality, it was tested by lighting a mixture of the spirit and gunpowder. If it burned with a clear flame this was ‘proof’ that the spirit was of sufficient standard at least 57%.

The Navy Strenght gin is fantastic for cocktails. The character of the gin can really stand up to the other flavors in the cocktail which makes it a favorite among many bartenders all over the world. Bergslagen’s Navy Strength Gin is made from the same distilled gin as our Classic Gin, but diluted to 57.1% instead of 45.7%. This gives the gin a richer and bolder flavour of juniper and citrus. The gin is made only with the finest botanicals

Alcohol by Volume: 57% – 50cl + 5cl